Investment Field

Big technology field:

Focus on the field: new materials, new energy, high-end manufacturing, energy saving, consumer electronics.

Big health field:

Focus on the field: innovative drugs, medical equipment, medical high-value supplies, medical services.

Big information field:

Focus on the field: education, car networking, games, artificial intelligence, business services, mobile marketing, electricity and so on.

Investment Stage

Investment Strategy

  • To grow and forward oriented;
  • Control investment costs, steady investment, pay attention to safety margin;
  • Pay attention to the portfolio, according to industry, region, funds scattered, control risk;
  • Emphasize investment management and full value - added services;
  • To ensure the successful listing of the project.

Investment Notion

Invest in the sub-industry leading enterprises.
Mainly to examine whether the target companies have a broad market space, their rapid growth ability, good business model and industry status, to examine whether the enterprise has a good team, good corporate governance and basic norms of financial operations.

Risk Management Strategy

Focus on the "big three new three" industry, preferably 4 times the GDP growth rate of high-quality investment projects.

Cowin Capital’s long-term concern and investment to lead the economy to the fast development of new industries. Ahead of time, professional investment team locks the big health, large information, large consumption, new energy, new materials, new industry, six high-quality industry investment opportunities, and leverage the wave of entrepreneurship brought about by the dividend effect.

Improve the investment regional layout, efficient identification of investment opportunities.

Cowin Capital’s investment team is located in China's five major areas of 12 axis of the city, and radiation surrounding areas. Combined with industry investment professional and regional market in-depth insight, we have more effective and efficient identification of investment opportunities which have the most entrepreneurial genes and capital market temperament.

Committed to the industrial chain layout, help enterprises to achieve value.

Cowin Capital has completed the upstream industry in the main industry chain, intermediate products, downstream online / line channels, and supporting services investment layout, to create an industrial chain between the interaction between the role of enterprises to provide a steady stream of development momentum, to help enterprises to achieve value.
We focus on the layout of a long jump, from the asset class height to tap the investment synergies.
From the asset class highly, Cowin Capital optimizes the overall investment strategy to the growth of investment as the core, in-depth early investment, and actively participate in mergers and acquisitions, moderate participation in the secondary market. For enterprises with rich growth potential and investment value, the enterprises will fully tap the synergies of investment according to the development stage, the early fund, the growth fund and the secondary market fund.