David Ding

Management partner

◆ Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Master of Biochemistry, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business EMBA. Engineer, accountant.

◆ Tongchuang Wai Yip Managing Director, Partner. Shenzhen Venture Capital Association, the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government Science and Technology Committee of Experts.

◆ served as general manager of Shenzhen Guocheng Century Venture Capital Company. In the real economy dip for many years, in scientific research, marketing and other specific business has many years of practical experience in technology innovation enterprises have a deep understanding of the company's assessment and analysis of early projects and mining, with China's venture capital market and capital markets Depth insights and operational experience.

◆ 1997 began to engage in venture capital industry, one of the earliest venture capitalists, and the industry has a good relationship of cooperation. (300165), Oak shares (300082), Chau Ming Technology (300232), Kuo Shuo Power Supply (002660), Jiachuang video (300264), the successful investment in Tianrui Instruments (300165) And so on more than 10 small plates, the GEM listed companies.

◆ 2011 by the Choi Choi selected Chinese venture capitalists 10 strong.

◆ 2012 by the China Ventureics Committee named the 2012 outstanding venture capitalists outstanding achievement award.