Medical industry partner

◆ Bachelor of Computer Software, Anhui University, Tsinghua University MBA.

Cowincapital Co., Ltd medical industry partner.

◆ Has been in the leading pharmaceutical enterprises in the country leading the pharmaceutical industry for many years, now in the same industry Albert CHAN focus on medical and health investment, led to a number of medical and medical enterprises investment and mergers and acquisitions. The industry has in-depth understanding and extensive network resources, the value of medical and health enterprises to determine investment and mergers and acquisitions have unique insights and rich experience.

◆ Representative case: the main investment Jingfeng Pharmaceutical (000908), Kang Chen Pharmaceutical (in the meeting), Leao Medical (837194), Fang En medicine, Tianyi Pharmaceutical, Sai Mo Luo biological, Wah Hong mobile medical, Jin Shi biological; to participate in investment lily medical and other projects; to help enterprises to vote Jingfeng Pharmaceutical successfully acquired Hainan Jinrui Pharmaceutical.